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Checking Now Can Lead To A Safer Home

Most of us know that electricity and water don’t mix, therefore, things like relaxing in a bathtub with a space heater sitting on the ledge is something we are smart enough to never do. But there are some things that may not seem so common sense when it comes to electrical safety at home, such as what to do if an outlet or light switch feels warm to the touch, or if it’s okay to be using a light bulb that is a higher wattage than suggested for a light fixture.

Phone Charging Point
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An Easy Solution For Phone Charging

Whether you’re talking about battery packs or wall chargers, the amount of amperage a charger can put out determines how quickly you can charge your devices. A lightweight 1A connection might be fine for topping off your Kindle, but it’ll take much longer than a 2A connection to charge your iPad (and in some cases certain high-demand devices just don’t charge correctly with low-amp chargers).

Electrical DIY
DIY Electrical

Be Careful Of Electrical D.I.Y.

Each year, thousands of people in the United States are critically injured and electrocuted as a result of electrical fires, accidents, electrocution in their own homes.