Commercial Electrical Services

At Lemere Electric, our professional electricians can assist you with any of your commercial electrical needs. Whether it’s a new construction, an addition, or just repairs for a commercial property, we have the professional training, expertise, and experience to guarantee you the best workmanship possible. Our professional electricians have years of experience in electrical repairs and services. So no matter how large or small the job is, we’ll be read to guarantee the highest quality workmanship and service available in the area.

What’s the difference between commercial and residential services?

Commercial and residential electrical work are completely different in terms of energy needs, load demands, and equipment setup. They also require different classes of materials and procedures. One of the first differences between commercial and residential electricians has to do with the type of wiring used for each type of building. In residential homes, the main type of wiring used has a plastic sheathing around the thin, narrow wires. In commercial buildings, the electrical wiring is run in open spaces to allow access, but the wiring is contained in a tube-like conduits for protection.

Commercial buildings draw much more power than residential buildings. To help ensure that all types of buildings get the power they need without overloading a property, the utility companies categorize the electrical load by phase: residential properties use single-phase power and commercial buildings use three-phase power.

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