How much does it cost to wire a hot tub?

hot tub electical installation

How much does it cost to wire a hot tub?

This is one of the most common install requests we get here at Lemere Electric. It can also be the most “brow raising” install (especially if the hot tub dealer said the install would not be expensive). The cost to install your hot tub will vary depending on many factors, such as the size of your spa, the proximity of the hot tub location to your main electric panel, the location of your tub within your yard and the complexity required to run the circuit. I have heard many spa dealers tell homeowners that the cost will be between $85-$800.  This is not an accurate install estimate….at all and for those who have been told this range are usually in for a shock when they get their bids.

Price also varies greatly among electrical contractors. We pride ourselves on being one of the lowest priced installers, but we are also one of the most reputable. Within this article we will prepare you for what to expect on costs and also how to save the most money on your install.

So How Much Does It Really Cost?

The range of price that we quote on a hot tub install is between $1300-$2500. This price range assumes that there is no existing hot tub wiring or conduit already installed.The range is dependent on the five factors listed below and often you can save yourself some money with a little fore-thought. Below are five tips to help you save money on your hot tub installation:

1.Pre-plan For Your Hot Tub: If you are landscaping your backyard it is always a good idea to plan for future potential installations. The cheapest time to put in underground materials is before you have grass or concrete placed over the top. For example, have your concrete contractor or landscaper trench underground conduit for any electrical, gas or water needs you may have in the future. Even if you do not know what you want, it will only cost a small amount to do this during the landscape phase. Just keep in mind-properly licensed tradesman must perform the actual installation of any conduit or piping – i.e. plumbing, ,HVAC and electrical.

2. Chose Your Location Wisely: Most of the cost of the electrical install for a hot tub is in the materials. The electrician will have to run a new circuit from your main electrical panel to the location of the hot tub. The furthest you place the hot tub from your panel, the more expensive it will be. Before placing your hot tub, check the proximity of your desired location to any outlets. Per NEC code, hot tubs must be 6 feet away from GFCI protected outlets and at least 10 feet from non-GFCI protected outlets. Also if your placement is not close to a wall of of your home then you have to determine whether you will need a trench or an above ground electrical installation. Both have additional costs and degrees of complexity.

3. Have The Spa Placed Before The Electrician Comes: To properly install the spa it should be on site and placed in the desired location prior to electrical installation. This allows for the electrician to properly place the spa panel per code regulations and complete the spa’s electrical connection. If you do not have the spa on-site at the time of the electrical install, the electrician will have to make additional  trips, which could be more expensive.

4. Have The Trench Done By Others: If you do require a trench for your install, it is always a good idea to have this done by someone other than your electrician. Electricians will do this part of the job, but it comes at a much, much higher cost then if you have a landscaper or laborer do it. As a note of caution, trenches must be dug to specific depths per code depending on the install. Also an electrician must always lay the conduit in the ground, regardless of the construction phase.

5. Check The Rules: Always check with your local building department and/or HOA to determine if you have any additional requirements for placing your new hot tub such as fence clearance, child proofing, etc. This will save you headaches in the end.

Ready To Get A Quote For Your Install?

Click here to submit your request or give us a call today (208) 991-2785. We can often give you an estimate virtually if we know all the following information:

  • Your address.
  • The Amps required for the spa.
  • The exact location of your spa placement.
  • The location of your main electrical panel.
  • What is between your house and the location of your spa.

We will get you an accurate and fair estimate, then get your project done as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your new hot tub!

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Ready To Get A Quote For Your Hot Tub Install?

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