Steps To Identify Breaker Problems

Tripped Breaker problem

Steps To Identify Breaker Problems

There is nothing more frustrating then a tripped breaker, especially when it keeps happening. I think it is important to say that electrical circuit failures are best identified and repaired by a professional licensed electrical contractor who can identify the problem quickly and safely restore electricity for your home. These problems can sometimes be easily fixed, but sometimes they can be a much larger symptom. If you would like to try to do some troubleshooting before calling a professional, below are some tips that will help point you in the right direction.

1. Identify What is on the Problem Circuit: Turn the circuit breaker off to easily identify everything that is without power. Record the electrical load requirements of each device connected to the circuit and add up the total load to see if the amount exceeds the size of the circuit breaker. If the total connected load is higher than the circuit rating then you may need to have an additional circuit installed or move a device that is connected to the circuit and relocate it to a different location which is served by a different circuit.

2. Evaluate the Circuit: If the total connected load is under the size of the circuit breaker then unplug, disconnect or turn off all of the devices on the list. Visually inspect each device for any possible problems. If a problem is found with a device then have it repaired.

3. Troubleshoot & Repair the Circuit: If you ruled out #1 and #2 above, then you need to look at the items that are connected to the circuit for possible problems such as outlets and switches or wiring. This is probably the time to call in a professional.

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