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Lighting installation

Lighting Upgrades & Installation

Lighting Installation Services

Lights can instantly make a house feel like a home and they are vital to its interior design. lighting uses a majority of your home’s energy, proper installation of your lighting setup will conserve natural resources and money. One way to save money is to install recessed light. Recessed lighting is perfect for anyone who is looking to create a more relaxed atmosphere in their home. It can be be used in conjunction with dimmers and can place emphasis on artwork in your home or business. It offers a clean, streamlined look while also providing enough bright light to fill any size room.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting involves installing a light fixture into the ceiling, with the housing held securely between ceiling joists or even just hollow spaces, if it is a retrofit. This type of lighting is much in demand because it opens up a room; with the entire light fixture and housing held in the ceiling, there’s more space where a hanging light would have been, creating a streamlined look. Recessed lights also increase the amount of light in the room, as they are higher up. Many people use them to highlight certain spaces, often using two to three lighting fixtures at different angles.

When looking to install recessed lighting, you should be aware of whether there is any insulation in or near the space you’ve chosen for your lighting fixture. What type of housing you need depends on whether the house is in construction or in the midst of a remodel and whether the insulation is direct contact with the house. You also will need to decide if you would like a traditional housing or the new wafer LED light. Lemere Electric can help you decide this.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a vital deterrent to theft and vandalism. Police reports confirm that well illuminated homes and businesses are less likely to be a victim of robbery or vandalism. We can design a secure layout using specialty lighting controlled by timers, motion sensors or photocells for dusk to dawn operation.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting and outdoor lighting design features lighting for your outdoor space, including the backyard, garden, and walkways. Properly implemented, outdoor lighting will turn any home to a spectacular home. Many homeowners choose to border the walkway leading to the front door with lights, to make it easier to navigate in the night. Done well, landscape lighting can used to accentuate an outdoor space and create a visually interesting display as well as creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and residents, alike. In addition to the aesthetic value of lighting arrangements, exterior lights help deter burglars and other intruders from attempting anything on your property.

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