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ceiling fan installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

Best Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fans can help you save on your electricity bills since it works efficiently on your electricity source and provides a cost-effective alternative to running the air conditioning unit.  Most ceiling fans nowadays are equipped with lighting fixtures so it can also provide illumination while it circulates air in the room and can be installed to almost any ceiling surface area.

When considering the type of ceiling fan to purchase, you should consider its function and the room in which it will be placed. Many people make the mistake of buying a fan that is often too big, too small, or that lacks enough speed settings. Consider the layout of your room. For example, the largest fan will provide the largest cooling area, but can overwhelm the room visually. Also, if the ceiling isn’t high enough and the ceiling hangs too low, you could feel like your head is too close to the blades as you walk under it.

Installation can be tricky depending on where the fan is located. For example, often times you cannot replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan without replacing the support box that is located in the ceiling. Light fixture support boxes are not rated to carry the weight and motion of a ceiling fan.

Do You Need an Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation?

Since the ceiling fan is hard wired to your electrical supply, it is important to hire an experienced, licensed electrician who can see to the proper installation of this device. If an experienced individual, one with a background and training in electrical procedures, does not complete your ceiling fan installation, you may be placing your property at risk of a fire. At the very least, a faulty installation can lead to short circuiting and difficulty in getting the fan or its lights to work properly, if at all.

Ceiling fans are run by a small electric motor that carries some weight with it. If the motor is not properly positioned on the ceiling, the fan may not work properly or it may make more noise than it should. Our experienced electricians are trained in the installation of ceiling fans as it is one of our most requested projects. We will ensure you have a proper size electrical junction box to support your fan and will install your fan correctly.

Is It Possible to Get a Free Quote for a Ceiling Fan Installation?

For a free quote on ceiling fan installation, you will need to know the size, make, and model of the ceiling fans as well as your ceiling height. We will also need to know whether or not an existing source of electricity is located in the area where the ceiling fan installation is to occur and how the fan will be turned on/off. For a general range of prices on installation you can visit our pricing page, but we encourage you to fill out the quote request form below to get and estimate for your specific project.

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