Save Money With Whole House Fan

Our customers save 50-90% off A/C related electricity costs after the installation of a whole house fan . A whole house fan can help home owners save money, enjoy better health, and cool their home for just pennies an hour.

Utilizing a whole house fan is a great way to reduce the amount of energy and money needed for cooling without sacrificing any level of comfort at home. These types of fans are capable of cooling the entire home during the hours when the temperatures indoors are greater than outdoors, such as evening and morning hours, by bringing in cooler air from the outside. It does this using only a fraction of the energy required by the air conditioning unit. Installing a whole house fan offers the following featues and benefits:

Energy Efficiency

  • Save up to 50-90% on your A/C related costs.
  • A whole house fan helps limit A/C usage to the hottest part of the day.
  • Anytime it is cooler outside than inside, run your fan to optimize cooling.

Whisper Quite Operation

  • We install QuietCool whole house fans which are about as loud as A/C Return!
  • Run your QuietCool fan for hours at a time, even while you are sleeping, and you will hardly remember it is on.

Industry Leading Warranty

  • The Trident Pro fans come with an industry leading 15-year motor warranty.

How To Select Your System


Size is very important to a QuietCool system. If a QuietCool system is not sized properly, the system will not work effectively. We size using Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM. This is the amount of cubic feet of air per minute the fan moves. The higher the CFM is, the more powerful the fan is.

First, determine how much air is being moved
Figuring out the amount of air exchanges that will occur within a certain time frame with open windows and a whole house fan is done by using the measurement of your home in square feet along with the CFM rating of the fan. As an example, let’s use a home that measures 2200 square feet, has an average floor-to-ceiling height measurement of 8 feet, and a whole house fan with CFM rating of 1600:

Determine the home’s cubic measurement by multiplying the square footage by ceiling height:
2200 square foot home x 8 inch ceiling height = 17600 cubic feet

Divide the cubic feet measurement by the CFM rating assigned to the fan:
17600 cubic feet ÷ 1600 = 11

What this means is that every eleven minutes, the air in the home is being exchanged by a fan of this rating when there is adequate outside vetalation. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of 4 air exchanges per hour. To get the air exchange number divide 60 (number of minutes in an hour) by the number of minutes it takes to do an air exchange for the whole house. So in our previous example with the 1600 CFM fan, we would get 5.45 air exchanges per hour.

What Experts Say

Reports that indoor air pollution is directly responsible for as much as 1/3 of our national health bill.

Found that even months after a pet leaves a home, allergens may remain in dust causing asthma and allergies.

Up to 50 percent of a home’s energy costs goes to HVAC. Idaho power offers a $200 rebate when you install a whole house fan on a qualified home.

We Install The World’s Most Quiet & Efficient Whole House Fan